This course has been developed to take safety and emergency professionals beyond the protection of lives and properties but to a high level of education and practice. This will enable safety  professionals to develop a comprehensive understanding of safety and emergencies. This course is designed with academic and professional orientation to broaden your skills and knowledge in all aspect of safety risk management.

  • DURATION ___________ 12 WEEKS
  • FEES _________________ N150,000
  • TIME COMMITMENT ____ 8-11 hours weekly
  • PACE _________________ Self-paced
  • CREDIT _______ Professional Certification
  • SUBJECT ___________Risk Management

What you'll learn

  1. Participants will gain critical thinking, blend with academic and professional skills to counter new threats and response to safety situations.
  2. Become an identified Safety Risk Management Practitioner or Consultant.
  3. Work in foreign companies, international NGOs, external relations services, law enforcement agencies, military, para-military, World Bank, United Nations and elsewhere to provide advice on disaster risk best practices.
  4. Participants gain direct membership and certification into Chartered Institute of Disaster and Safety Managers Delaware USA Inc as Chartered Safety Manager.
  5. Understand the position of safety risk manager as a leader and motivator by integrating the safety manager’s functions into the organizational goals.

Course description

This is where safety and risk managers must have to decide who should protect what, how, when and where? This course addresses new threats experienced by society, corporate organizations and governments for learners to be equipped with practical safety skills to counter these threats.

Course Structure

This course consists of one module with the courses interlinked with one another for learners to examine the issues of professional safety risk managers. The required duration for classroom study is 8 weeks upon sitting for a 100 question text quiz. The pass grade is 60%, to receive the Certified Occupational Health and Safety Professional (COHSP) Certificate accredited by the Chartered Institute of Disaster and Safety Managers, Delaware USA Inc. 


  • Introduction to Disaster and Emergencies Management.
  • Public Health and Basic Life Support.  
  • Safety Risk Assessment.
  • Safety Communication.
  • Behavioural-Based Safety.
  • Health and Safety Management.
  • Work Place Emergencies.
  • Fire Safety and Prevention Techniques.
  • Safety Culture Development.
  • Safety Performance Achievement 


Candidates applying for this course must have interest in safety business and possess a minimum of diploma in related discipline from any recognized institution. Safety professionals with equivalent qualification may apply for course exemption if satisfactory requirements have been fulfilled.

The Safety Risk Manager Program is designed specifically for all level disaster and emergency professionals. If you would like more information on our Professional programs or training options